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New Stainless Steel Polishing Process
New Stainless Steel Polishing Process
Hot Dip Galvanizing Of Steel Plate
Current Situation And Development Of Hot Dip Galvanizing Of Steel Plate In China

Antirust Treatment

Antirust Treatment of steel surface

Antirust Treatment for steel is usually divided into three methods and requirements: inter-process Antirust Treatment, process Antirust Treatment and final rust prevention. Inter-process antirust treatment generally uses water-based antirust treatment and dehydration antirust methods, which have a short antirust time and can meet the inter-process antirust requirements. Process antirust treatment includes passivation antirust treatment, phosphate antirust treatment, dehydrated antirust treatment oil, etc., which vary according to the process requirements. The final antirust treatment is mainly oil-based Antirust Treatment. As the antirust treatment grease does not evaporate, the anti-rust time is long. The development of antirust treatment technology for steel in China is still in its infancy. There is a lack of awareness of rust prevention or rust protection methods. The anti-rust technology and products used are still some traditional concepts. With the rapid development of industrial technology in China, rust prevention has gradually become a topic of concern. Products include phosphating products, passivation products, blackening products, water-based antirust agents, dehydrated antirust oils, hard-film antirust agents, cutting antirust solutions and so on.

Antirust Treatment

Application scope of steel Antirust Treatment

It is suitable for dehydration antirust treatment, process antirust treatment, process antirust treatment and long-term sealing rust prevention of various metals or equipment after machining, grinding, heat treatment, electrolytic machining, blackening and bluing treatment and water-based cleaning.

Cleaning agent (fh-qx) series products

Cleaning agent series mainly includes powerful general cleaning agent, dairy equipment cleaning agent and bottle cleaning agent
Powerful general cleaning agent: with strong decontamination and oil removal ability, it has a significant cleaning effect on the old scale and heavy scale on metal products and hard surfaces. It is an ideal product for cleaning in hotels, hotels, baths and public places.
Cleaning agents for dairy equipment: including fh-qxr1 alkali cleaning agent, fh-qxr2 disinfection cleaning agent and fh-qxr3 acid cleaning agent. The product has the advantages of low cost and unique degreasing technology. CIP (on-site cleaning) method is adopted for cleaning. It is directly connected with the supply line equipment such as cleaning agent, steam and high-temperature water on the production line, which can achieve the effect of rapid cleaning and sterilization.
Bottle cleaning agent: including fh-qxp1 industrial bottle cleaning agent, fh-qxp2 wine bottle cleaning agent, fh-qxp3 milk bottle cleaning agent and fh-qxp4 wine bottle sterilization cleaning agent. This kind of product has good hard water resistance, strong dispersion of dirt, high brightness of washing bottle, no blockage of nozzle and pipeline of bottle washing machine, strong decontamination of bottle paste and bottleneck rust, no corrosion of equipment and good sterilization effect Antirust Treatment

Fh-cy series products mainly include normal temperature type, medium temperature type and additive.
Normal temperature deoiling agent: mainly including fh-cy1 normal temperature deoiling agent, fh-cy4 water-based deoiling agent, fh-cy0 deoiling additive, fh-cy8 wool washing agent, fh-cy9 water emulsion leather degreasing agent and other products. This kind of product has unique formula, rapid degreasing and decontamination, and remarkable effect. It has no corrosion to the hard surface and metal materials, and the cleaned workpiece surface can still maintain the original luster. It is the preferred product for oil and scale removal of metal products, mechanical equipment, oil pipelines, boilers and hard surfaces and pretreatment of metal coating.
Medium temperature oil remover: mainly including fh-cy3 oil remover, fh-cy5 oil remover, fh-cy6 oil remover and other products. This kind of product has low cost and good degreasing effect. It is the first choice for degreasing the surface of steel, ferrous metal, aluminum and aluminum alloy.
Additive: it is a neutral product and can be added to acid and alkali cleaning agents to improve the cleaning effect. Adding it to the pickling and derusting solution can make the pickling solution achieve oil and derusting at one time; Adding it to the iron series phosphating solution can complete the degreasing phosphating at one time; When added to alkaline degreaser, the degreasing effect can be significantly improved. The product can also be used as a neutral special degreasing cleaning agent.

Rust removal (fh-cx) series products

Fh-cx series products include rust remover, rust remover additive and pickling fog inhibitor.
Rust remover includes fh-cx1 rust remover, fh-cx2 rust remover, etc. This kind of rust remover has high rust removal quality and good fog suppression effect. It is an indispensable product for metal pretreatment and metal equipment cleaning.
Rust removal additive is composed of a variety of surfactants and special corrosion inhibitors, which has a good effect of inhibiting acid mist, preventing over corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. The use of this product can keep the metal materials free of corrosion and the original metal luster, and significantly improve the service life of pickling and derusting solution. The hydrochloric acid added with the additive can improve the derusting speed and achieve the treatment effect of various ferrous metal oxide scales and rust.
Acid pickling fog inhibitor includes hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and mixed acid. This kind of products can inhibit the volatilization of various acid fog and make the volatilization of acid fog less than the allowable value specified by the state.
Anti rust (FH FX) and passivation (FH DH) series products
Antirust and passivation series products mainly include antirust agent, dural antirust agent, dehydrated antirust oil, water-based antirust agent, passivation antirust agent, series passivation agent, blackening agent, blackening passivation agent, etc. This series of products can be widely used in metal processing and manufacturing, metal product protection, protection after metal cleaning, etc., with remarkable protection effect.

Phosphating (fh-lh) series products

Phosphating series products mainly include normal temperature phosphating and high, medium and low temperature phosphating.
Normal temperature phosphating and low temperature phosphating include zinc manganese phosphating and iron series phosphating, especially fh-lh normal temperature zinc manganese phosphating products. Under normal temperature, this kind of products have fast film-forming speed, uniform and dense phosphating film, simple operation and low cost. It is an ideal agent for metal coating pretreatment.
Medium and high temperature phosphating is suitable for cold extrusion tensile phosphating, wear-resistant phosphating, etc. It is widely used in dip phosphating and spray phosphating production lines
Phosphating film is mainly used as the bottom layer of coating, lubricating layer during metal cold processing, metal surface protective layer, insulation treatment of motor silicon steel sheet, anti sticking treatment of die-casting die, etc.
Cold extrusion phosphating, cold drawing phosphating, cold extrusion lubrication and cold drawing lubrication products. At present, China mostly adopts traditional single passivation, saponification and boration products, with complex lubrication process and unsatisfactory effect. The fh-lh8 phosphating solution and fh-rr lubricant developed by our company with reference to the advanced technology at home and abroad are high-tech composite products integrating a variety of processes and technologies. They are special phosphating and lubrication products developed for the cold backlog and cold drawing industry. The phosphating solution and lubricant have the advantages of convenient operation, simple adjustment, medium temperature use, small dosage, large treatment area and low cost. The formed phosphating film and adsorbed lubricating film are dense and uniform, the phosphating film has good adhesion and strong corrosion resistance, and one lubrication process can replace the traditional saponification and boration processes to solve the problems of low production efficiency For the problems of slow drawing speed and short service life of abrasive tools, the amount of adsorption can be controlled at will
Antirust paint is a coating that can protect metal surfaces from chemical or electrochemical corrosion of atmosphere, seawater, etc. It can be divided into physical and chemical antirust paints. The former relies on the proper coordination of pigment and paint to form a dense paint film to prevent the invasion of corrosive substances, such as iron red, aluminum powder, graphite antirust paint, etc; The latter depends on the chemical rust inhibition effect of antirust pigments, such as red lead, zinc yellow antirust paint, etc. Used for rust prevention of bridge, ship, pipeline and other metals.

Composition of antirust paint:

There are two broad types of anti-rust paint in use: oil-based and water-based. Oil-based anti-rust paints make the surface of materials greasy and not easy to remove, and are rarely used. Water-based anti-rust paints are easy to use and cheap. However, they contain toxic substances such as nitrites and chromates, which are harmful to the operator. The use of such products is restricted by the state and the performance is single and cannot meet the rust prevention requirements of magnetic alloy materials.
Water-based metal antirust paint consists of inositol hexaphosphate, strong metal chelating agents and several other water-based additives. Inositol hexaphosphate is a natural, non-toxic organic chemical product extracted from food crops. When used as an antirust agent for magnetic materials, it can quickly chelate with the metal on the surface, forming a dense monomolecular composite protective film that can effectively inhibit the corrosion of the metal. The surface of the treated material remains in its original colour and can be applied to the next process such as coating without the need for washing.
Rust inhibiting pigments are an important part of rust inhibiting paints. They rely on their own physical properties, are chemically stable, hard, fine grained and have excellent filling properties, increasing the density of the paint film and reducing the permeability of the paint film, thus playing a role in rust prevention. The corrosion resistance of this substance metal aluminium powder is due to the scale structure of the aluminium powder, which forms a solid paint film with a strong ability to reflect ultraviolet light and can improve the anti-ageing ability of the paint film.

Type of antirust paint:

1、Red lead anti-rust paint

This is a paint made from red lead and dry oil. It has good permeability and wettability, soft film formation and strong adhesion, but dries slowly. In addition, due to the large proportion of red lead, it is easy to precipitate and will thicken when stored for too long and has poor paintability.

2、Iron red phenolic antirust paint

Made from anti-rust pigment and long oil phenolic resin or lacquer. When used, it should be mixed with about 10-30% of loose water. It has good adhesion and will not bite off due to the softening of the top coat.

3、Iron red alkyd antirust paint

It is made by adding pigments such as iron lead and lead chrome yellow to alkyd paint, fillers, solvents and drying agents. It has good adhesion, strong anti-rust ability, high hardness, elasticity, impact resistance and nitro resistance. This rust-proof paint is most suitable for priming external wall paints in our printed iron can-making industry. It is not only suitable for the primer of general exterior wall paint, but also for the primer of nitro paint and amino baking paint, especially after baking.

4、Zinc yellow antirust paint

Made of pure phenolic paint ground with zinc-chromium yellow pigment. It has strong adhesion and high resistance to the marine environment.

5. Grey anti-rust paint

It is prepared by adding zinc oxide containing lead as the main anti-rust pigment and varnish. It has excellent rust and atmospheric corrosion resistance, but is slow drying. It is suitable for painting outdoor steel components.

6、Transparent triple vapour paint that reacts with water vapour

The main film-forming material of this transparent paint is polyurethane resin. After being applied to the surface of the paint, it can react with water in the air to cure into a film, or it can be baked to cure into a film. This film has moisture-proof, salt spray-proof, mould-proof performance, high transparency, brightness and good appearance after coating.

7、Other anti-corrosion paints

There are many types of anti-rust paint, such as barium metaborate anti-rust paint, zinc grey anti-rust paint, epoxy anti-rust paint, mica iron oxide anti-rust paint, tetrachloroethylene anti-rust paint, etc.