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Stainless Steel Material Model And Stainless Steel Material Parameters
Stainless Steel Material Model And Stainless Steel Material Parameters
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Meaning of color steel plate

1、 What is color steel plate

Color steel  plate, full name of colour coated steel plate, abbreviated as color  steel plate.

It is an organically coated steel sheet with a thickness of about 50 to 100mm. it consists of a filler in the middle and a coloured steel sheet on both sides.

It is widely used in industries such as construction, home appliances and transportation.

For the construction industry, it is mainly used for the roofs, walls and doors of industrial and commercial buildings such as steel workshops, airports, warehouses and cold storage.

Color steel plate, refers to color coated steel plate, colour coated steel plate is a kind of steel plate with organic coating. Colour steel plate is divided into veneer, colour steel composite plate, floor bearing plate and so on. Widely used in large public buildings, public workshops, activity rooms, and walls and roofs of integrated houses

The substrates of the color steel plate are cold rolled substrates, hot plated catalyst substrates and electroplated catalyst substrates. The coating types can be divided into polyester, silicon modified polyester, bi-poly difluoroethylene and plastisol. The surface state of colour steel plate can be divided into coated plate, embossed plate and printed plate, colour steel plate is widely used in construction, home appliances and transportation industries, for the construction industry is mainly used in steel structure plant, airport, warehouse and refrigeration and other industrial and commercial buildings such as roof walls and doors, civil buildings using colour steel plate is less.

At the end of the 1980s, China built color steel plate units one after another, and these units were mostly built in steel plants and joint ventures, and color steel plate process equipment was basically introduced from abroad. By 2000, the domestic colour steel plate reached 1.73 million tons and there was overcapacity. The production capacity and equipment level of the units of state-owned mega iron and steel enterprises are higher, and all of them have successively built colour steel plate units with foreign technology and an annual production capacity of 120,000-170,000 tons.

At the same time, many private enterprises have invested in the production of colour steel plates, mostly using domestic equipment, with smaller production capacity, but with fast start-up and low investment, and the products are mainly for the building materials and decoration industry. In addition, foreign capital and Taiwan capital have also landed to build colour coated units, but most of them are concentrated in coastal areas. 1999 onwards, with the colour coated plate market booming, the production and consumption of colour coated plate has entered a period of rapid growth. From 2000 to 2004, the production volume increased at an average rate of 39.0%. By 2005, the national production capacity of colour-coated panels was greater than 8 million tonnes/year, and a number of colour-coated units were under construction, with the total national production capacity exceeding 9 million tonnes/year.

2、 Characteristics of color steel clad plate

(1). Light weight: 10-14kg/m2, equivalent to 1 / 30 of a wall.

(2). Temperature: thermal conductivity of core material: λ<= 0.041w/mk.

(3). High strength: ceiling envelope can be suspended to bear weight, bend and compress; general housing without beams and columns.

(4). Vivid colour: no surface decoration and a shelf life of 10-15 years for painted coatings.

(5). Flexible and fast installation: all dry construction is not affected by environmental seasons, and the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%.

(6). Environmental protection: color steel materials can be recycled to truly achieve green and pollution-free.

(7). Energy saving: high efficiency energy-saving wall is adopted, with good thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation effects, which can reach the energy-saving standard of 50%.

The meaning of color steel plate and the classification of color sandwich plate

3、 There are several types of color steel sandwich panels

The color steel plate is usually composed of two layers of color coated steel plates as the panel, and the core material is used in the middle to form a whole. Its core material is numerous, which can be roughly divided into the following types:

(1). polyurethane foam color steel sandwich panels

The polyurethane foam color steel sandwich panel is made of flame retardant rigid polyurethane foam as core material and color coated steel sheet as the surface color steel plate.

 It is used in industrial buildings, warehouses, sports venues, residential buildings, villas, movable board rooms, combined cold storage and other buildings,

but the disadvantage is that it is carried out under the condition of high temperature and strong alkali, which requires high equipment and large initial investment. Industrialization is more difficult.

(2) .polystyrene foam color steel sandwich panels

The advantages of this color steel plate are low price, water resistance and no deformation.

 Most of the movable rooms at the construction site are built of polystyrene sandwich panels, which are widely used, but the polystyrene foam sandwich panels are not fireproof, and the thermal insulation effect is very poor.

(3).Phenolic foam color steel sandwich panels.

Phenolic foam color steel sandwich panels are made of colored steel sheets and phenolic foam as core material.

Phenolic foam is brittle, brittle and corrosive. The residual acid in the foam has corrosion effect on metal materials.

The meaning of color steel plate and the classification of color sandwich plate

(4). Rock wool color steel sandwich panel

The rock wool color steel sandwich board has good fire resistance, but the rock wool color steel plate is not waterproof, which produces toxic substances in case of fire and causes great pollution.

(5).Paper honeycomb color steel sandwich panel

Paper honeycomb sandwich board can recycle waste. It is a replacement product of polystyrene board, polyurethane, rock wool and other materials. 

It is widely used in clean engineering fields such as electronics, hospital operating room and laboratory, but its waterproof effect is poor and the price is expensive.

(6).Aluminum honeycomb color steel sandwich panel

It is made of aluminum honeycomb core plate, which is compounded with special high-strength glue and color steel plate, supported by special aluminum alloy keel and heated, pressurized and solidified. 

It has the advantages of light weight and good flatness. It is a green environmental protection building material, but the cost is the highest.


1. Although the most commonly used building materials with hot roll equipment, but can not roll and flower steel and other hot steel roll equipment equipment

2. paint products, quality can not fully meet the high price of imported paint to meet the function of the flower film to improve the functionality of the film colour substrate, the need to rely on imported paint thickness, sex, strength, color-rich colour coated board.

3. product protection norms, resulting in a waste of resources and excess capacity of less than 4 tons/year, in terms of product quality and environmental resources.

4. Excessive worker colour-coating rates across the country, even

What are the types of color coated steel plates

Color coated steel plate is referred to as color coated steel plate for short. This kind of plate has novel surface color, strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance and decoration, and good processing performance.

Therefore, it is widely used in building exterior wall protection board, roof panel, corrugated board, waterproof and anti gas permeability board, corrosion-resistant equipment and components, furniture, automobile shell, water baffle, etc.

According to different structures, color coated steel plates can be divided into the following types:

The meaning of color steel plate and the classification of color sandwich plate

1. Coated steel plate

Galvanized steel plate is used as the base, and the front and back are coated to ensure its corrosion resistance. The first layer on the front is primer, usually epoxy primer, because it has strong adhesion to metal, and the back is also coated with epoxy resin or acrylic resin;

The second layer (surface layer) used to be alkyd resin, generally polyester coating or acrylic resin coating.

2. PVC steel plate

The PVC layer is thermoplastic, and the surface can be hot processed. For example, embossing can enrich the surface texture, and it also has flexibility, which can carry out secondary processing such as bending, and its corrosion resistance is also relatively good.

There are two types of PVC steel plate. One is produced by coating paste PVC, which is called coated PVC steel plate; The other is to stick the formed and printed or embossed PVC film on the steel plate, which is called film coated PVC steel plate.

3. Heat insulation coated steel plate

The heat insulation coated steel plate is made of 15 to 17mm thick polystyrene foam or rigid polyurethane foam on the back of the color coated steel sheet, which is used to improve the performance of the coated steel plate, and is mainly used in special areas requiring heat insulation and sound insulation.

4. High durability coated steel plate

Taking advantage of the good aging resistance of fluoroplastics and acrylic resin, the durability and corrosion resistance of color coated steel plate can be improved by using high durability coated steel plate on the surface coating of steel plate.