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Characteristics of the surface treatment of the galvanized layer 
Type and grade of steel bar
Type and grade of steel bar

Continuous hot dip galvanized sheet steel

The meaning of hot dip galvanized sheet steel

  • Continuous hot dip galvanized steel sheet, referred to as galvanized sheet or white sheet, is a cold-rolled continuous hot dip galvanized steel sheet and steel strip with thickness of 0.25~2.5mm. The steel strip is first burned off the residual oil on the surface through the preheating furnace heated by flame, and at the same time, the iron oxide film is generated on the surface, and then heated to 710~920℃ in the reduction annealing furnace containing H2 and N2 mixture gas. The iron oxide film was reduced to sponge iron, and the activated and purified strip was cooled to a temperature slightly higher than that of molten zinc, then the strip was put into a zinc pot at 450~460℃, and the surface thickness of the zinc layer was controlled by an air knife. Finally, chromate solution passivation treatment to improve the resistance to white rust.
Continuous hot dip galvanized sheet steel

Features of hot dip galvanized sheet steel

The surface of the steel plate is beautiful, with block or leaf shaped crystal pattern, and the coating is firm, with excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance, at the same time, the steel plate has good welding performance and cold processing molding performance. Compared with the surface of galvanized sheet, its coating is thicker, mainly used for the requirement of strong corrosion resistance of the pulling parts.
Applicable brand: ZN100-PT, ZN200-SC, ZN275-Continuous hot dip galvanized sheet steel

Continuous hot dip galvanized sheet steel

Structure classification code: Z- normal zinc flower: according to the normal cooling speed crystallization of zinc flower, can be used for general purposes: X- small zinc flower: cooling speed by special control, zinc flower size is smaller than normal zinc flower, suitable for painting and normal zinc flower can not meet the requirements of other occasions; GZ- Finish zinc flower: the small zinc flower after finishing treatment, suitable for deep and ultra deep stamping and surface roughness requirements of the occasions. Continuous hot dip galvanized sheet steel

Processing performance code

Processing performance code: PT- general purpose, JY- mechanical bite, SC- deep drawing, CS- ultra deep drawing, JY- structure.
Zinc layer weight code: Z100, Z200, Z275; The weight of galvanized layer refers to the total amount of zinc on both sides of the steel plate, expressed by the number of zinc grams per square meter of the steel plate (g/m2), such as Z100 means that the zinc content is not less than 100g/m2.

Continuous hot dip galvanized sheet steel

Examples of marking

Examples of marking: Zinc layer weight 275g/m2, machining performance JY, surface structure Z, surface treatment Y, dimensional accuracy B, length × width × height 0.70mm×700mm×2000mm steel plate marking: 275-JY-Z-Y-B-0.70×700×2000-GB2518-81
Origin: Baosteel, Anshan steel and wisco, etc Continuous hot dip galvanized sheet steel