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Tata Steel'S "Roadmap+" Environmental Improvement Program Launched
Tata Steel’S “Roadmap+” Environmental Improvement Program Launched
Global crude steel production up 4.8% in January
Global crude steel production up 4.8% in January

European Invention Of Inflatable Steel Furniture

Internal Pressure Automatic Deformation Technology Paves The Way For Easier Infrastructure Construction News From Our Newspaper Recently, A Design Team Composed Of Poles And Swiss Invented A Kind Of Inflatable Steel Furniture, Which Has Attracted The Attention Of The International Iron And Steel Association And The Global Steel Industry. The Technology Invented By Designer Oskar Zieta And Materials Scientist Phillip Dohmen At The Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Can Make Steel Lighter And Cheaper Without Compromising Its Strength. . This Technology Is Called Internal Pressure-Free Deformation Technology, Which Requires Laser Cutting Of The Steel Plate, And The Error Of The Formed Steel Plate Is Guaranteed To Be Within Plus Or Minus 0.1 Mm. It Is Reported That The Internal Pressure-Free Deformation Technology Has Been Successfully Applied In The Field Of Furniture Manufacturing. The “3-Legged Stool” (Pictured) Designed By The Team Is The Technology Used. By Inflating A Valve, The Squeezed Steel Plates Can Become A Strong, Light, And Stylish Seat. Different From The Stamping Method Used In The Machinery Industry, Relying On This Technology, The Steel Does Not Rely On Mold Forming During Inflation, And Users Can Even Inflate Furniture With A Household Bicycle Pump. At The Same Time, Relying On The Inherent Strength Of Steel And The Innovative Free Deformation Technology Of Internal Pressure, The Stool Can Withstand A Weight Of About 2 Tons. Even If The Same Design Scheme Is Adopted, Each Product Will Eventually Have A Unique Contour Due To The Different Degrees Of Metal Deformation. Unlike Most Of Our Indoor Furniture, The Furniture Produced By The Technology Of Internal Pressure-Free Deformation Will Be Lighter. Compared With Traditional Furniture, Uninflated Stools Take Up Almost No Space. Therefore, This Technology Reduces Transportation Costs And Carbon Dioxide Emissions To A Certain Extent.
European Invention Of Inflatable Steel Furniture

In The Future, The Application Scope Of Internal Pressure-Free Deformation Technology May Expand From The Field Of Infrastructure To The Field Of Renewable Energy, And Then To The Field Of Space Travel. With The Members’ Experience In The Construction Field, The Team Currently Focuses Its Research On Construction And Residential Applications. In Addition, They Also Designed And Built A Small Wind Turbine. The Blades Of Existing Wind Turbines Are Made Of Plexiglass Or Carbon Fiber, And The Cost Of Making A 2-Meter-Long Blade Is About 600 Euros. The Steel Blade Manufactured Using The Free Deformation Technology Of Internal Pressure Only Costs 25 Euros, Which Greatly Reduces The Cost Of Wind Power Generation.
The Team Is Also Actively Designing And Manufacturing Highway Crash Barriers. Different From Other Products, They Are Pressurized And Can Absorb The Impact To Ensure The Safety Of The Driver When The Car Is Deformed In A Collision. This Product Can Also Reduce The Amount Of Steel Used, Thereby Greatly Reducing The Environmental Burden On The World’S Highways.
Internal Pressure-Free Deformation Technology Relies On The Excellent Performance Of Steel And Can Be Flexibly Applied In Any Scene. The Team’S Dream Is To Use Internal Pressure-Free Deformation Technology To Build Buildings In Space. They Believe That Ultra-Light Products Will Be The Best Choice For Space Buildings.