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Ferrous metal mining, Smelting and processing

Our company is committed to producing green, high-end, high-quality, high-efficiency products, the main steel varieties include wide thick plate, medium thick plate, hot rolled plate coil, cold-rolled plate coil, H-beam, special steel, hot rolled ribbed steel, etc., which are widely used in many important fields such as automobile, petroleum, railroad, bridge, construction, electric power, transportation, machinery, shipbuilding, light industry, home appliances, etc., and are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand, It is a famous production base of the medium-thick plate and H-beam in China. Shanshan Iron and Steel Mining mainly develops domestic iron ore resources, and the iron ore resources are mainly located in Shandong Province.

Steel Trading & Services

Including steel international trade, refractory materials, steel structure construction, information technology, industry chain finance, and other industries. Among them, ITC has the functions of import raw fuel procurement, product export, social resources operation, etc., and strives to build a domestic first-class and international advanced steel trade and logistics powerhouse; Shandong Refractories main products include four categories of refractory raw materials, refractory materials for steel and non-steel construction, refractory materials for steel production consumption and refractory materials for non-steel, which are used in iron and steel-making enterprises, steel making system construction and production consumption and electrolytic aluminum, coking, cement, Ley Steel Group has developed into the most qualified enterprise in the steel structure construction industry in Shandong Province, with a full set of technical system standards and completed demonstration projects, which has established a good business reputation and accumulated strong construction strength in the industry; Shanxi Software takes industrial software as the core, focusing on three business sectors: medium and high-end software development, information technology services and intelligent equipment manufacturing, and has a strong presence in the steel, non-ferrous, energy-saving and environmental protection, chemical, chemical, and industrial industries. The company is mainly engaged in inclusive finance, asset management, financial leasing, overseas platform, and investment banking, covering foreign investment and management, investment consulting, custody operation, capital operation, financing guarantee, Internet financial services, fund management and operation, enterprise management and consulting services, etc. The finance company brings into play the advantages of combining production and finance to help the group and its member enterprises to have a healthy and stable capital chain, and to build a financial service provider with distinctive features, a complete value chain and business chain, and outstanding value-added and efficiency-creating capabilities.

New materials, high-end equipment manufacturing and technical services

Based on Jigang Group and Zibo Zhang Steel, we will use the advantages of stock resources to actively cultivate new engines of industrial development and explore new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, and technical service industries in line with the industrial development direction of Shandong Province’s “Top Ten” to create new features for transformation and development.

Other sections

Vocational College is the only higher vocational college in Shandong Province featuring metallurgy. Relying on the advantages of the industry, the college focuses on the conversion of new and old dynamic energy in Shandong Province, dovetails with the needs of our industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading, and regional economic development, and delivers senior technical and skilled talents for the industry and the region; the main business scope of Xinli Company includes catering, accommodation, tourism, sales of mineral products and steel, property management, etc., and strives to develop the conference and training market and implement the account manager system to achieve the whole process of tracking services; the real estate company has the national qualification of real estate development, property management and related business consulting services, sales of construction materials and building components. The real estate company has the national-level qualification of real estate development, and its business scope includes real estate development, property management and related business consulting services, sales of construction materials and building components, based on Jiqing, deep plowing in Qilu, and layout of other cities in China, upholding the five development concepts, following the national industrial policy, and insisting on being a trustworthy state-owned real estate enterprise.