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Stainless steel

Stainless steel color

Stainless steel color processing technology, from the point of view of the process of chemical method and electrochemical method, they can get different colors in specific electrolyte processing, thereby improving the wear resistance of stainless steel, corrosion resistance and color varieties, applied in different occasions, get different economic benefits.

There are several methods to make Stainless steel color: ① high temperature oxidation method, ② chemical oxidation method, ③ electrochemical oxidation method, ④ ion implantation method, ⑤ gas phase cracking method.

Stainless steel

The various treatment methods are summarized as follows:

(1) High temperature oxidation method is to immerse the workpiece in a specific molten salt to maintain a certain process temperature and time, so that the workpiece forms a certain thickness of the oxide film, and presents a variety of colors.
(2) chemical oxidation method is in a specific solution, through the control of temperature and time to form a variety of film color, generally “because of the method” more, but to maintain the Stainless steel color consistency, must use reference electrodes to control.
(3) Electrochemical method is to form the color and luster of a certain thickness of chlorinated film by controlling temperature and voltage time in a specific electrolyte. This process is relatively mature and widely used.
(4) ion implantation method is through the vacuum gasification ion deposition on the surface of stainless steel, such as the market hand case, golden watchband is the use of this process technology, suitable for mass production.
(5) gas phase cracking method, the process is more complex, less industrial application, not to be described.

Stainless steel color


(1) stainless steel after the surface treatment, can make its anticorrosion improved 2-3 times, can deburr, improve its anti-viscosity, to achieve beautiful appearance, give people a gorgeous, noble feeling.

(2) stainless steel parts after the surface treatment, can meet the special requirements of some products, improve product quality, prolong the service life of equipment, improve market competitiveness, bring better economic benefits to enterprises

BA after surface processing and cold rolled bright heat treatment is usually performed by the iron brush, Fe in surface, often rust, we are all nylon wheels or abrasive belt wire drawing processing, just have a question, such as 20 * 20 cm of small plane drawing, no ferrari with machines, but appears dark side by hand, it’s really hard to handle. Buy ready-made wire drawing board, scratch appears in processing, reprocessing goes back to differ with former surface.