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The quality of wire rod
The quality of wire rod
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The assembly and use process of steel wire screw sleeve

The assembly of wire screw sleeve consists of drilling, tapping, installing wire screw sleeve and folding the mounting handle.

steel wire

1, drilling,

Drill holes with the do standard drill bits listed in the table, at depths greater than or equal to T1; Be careful not to drill the hole into a cone. It is not suitable to use a badly worn drill bit. The chips should not fall into places that may cause damage. After drilling, deburring nature of countersink is allowed, and the countersink should not exceed 0.4P depth, because too large strontium hole is not conducive to screw wire screw sleeve and cause improper assembly.

2, tapping

The use of wire screw sleeve with specified thread specifications special tap tapping, tapping length must exceed the length of wire screw sleeve, for through hole, to all tapping; The precision of tapping determines the tolerance zone of the final standard inner screw hole. The user should select tapping method and lubrication properly, and the blind hole tapping should be done with proper force to prevent the tap from breaking.
After tapping, threaded hole should be cleaned, generally with compressed air spray gun blowing, blind hole should also be used with radial hole long spray gun cleaning from bottom to top, can also be cleaned by cleaning thread hole; When the thread precision is high, the threaded plug gauge in the bottom hole of the special steel wire screw sleeve should be used for inspection.

steel wire

3 dimensionsmounting technology

In general, use a manual installation wrench to install the wire screw sleeve.
The steel wire screw sleeve is put into the installation wrench, so that the mounting handle is embedded in the guide rod groove. Turn the handle of the installation wrench to make the steel wire screw sleeve through the guide thread on the installation wrench into the bottom hole of the thread, and make the distance from the surface with 0.25 ~ 0.75 circles of empty thread.
A small number of installation of steel wire screw sleeve and 14×2 above coarse tooth steel wire screw sleeve installation can be used “T” type slotting or threaded head simple tool installation, and pay attention to not apply a large axial force on the installation handle of steel wire screw sleeve to prevent “random buckle”.
Use electric or pneumatic semi-automatic mounting wrenches for fast and reliable installation in line assembly or where quick mounting of wire sleeves is required.
In order to check the accuracy grade of the standard internal thread hole formed after the installation of the wire screw sleeve, the appropriate grade plug gauge can be used. The exception is the locking type and intermediate type wire sleeves.

steel wire

4. Break off the mounting handle

When the hole is through, the mounting handle of the steel wire screw sleeve should be broken. Generally, the punch is aligned with the mounting handle and about 200g hammer can be used to remove it. For the coarse tooth steel wire screw sleeve of more than 18×2.5 and the fine tooth steel wire screw sleeve of more than 14×1.25, the mounting handle can be broken by bending up and down with needle-nose pliers.

5. Take out the steel wire screw sleeve

If there is a problem in the installation process or the steel wire screw sleeve needs to be removed because it has been used for too long, the steel wire screw sleeve should be removed by using a tapered tool with a cutting edge, aiming at the handle, hitting it with a hammer, and rotating the reverse thread direction of the handle with manual force.